CGSU Endorses Reed Steberger for County Legislature

Cornell Graduate Students United has endorsed Reed Steberger's candidacy for Tompkins County Legislature! Ninety-one members voted during the 72 hour polling period. While this only just makes the required 5% quorum, those who voted were overwhelmingly in support of endorsement—80 supported the statement and 11 did not. Eight votes submitted after the Constitutionally-prescribed polling period were all in support. If you would like to help with Reed's campaign, sign up to volunteer on their website. CGSU's statement follows after the jump.


CGSU Endorses Reed Steberger for Tompkins County Legislature

Cornell Graduate Students United was founded to bring fairness, respect, and democracy to graduate workers at Cornell, and our fight can't stop at the edge of campus.

Cornell grads are a diverse group of Tompkins County residents. Our membership includes immigrants, religious minorities, renters, and parents; some rely on Medicaid, food stamps, and housing assistance.

We deserve a voice in local government fighting for our shared principles and interests.

Reed Steberger is a community organizer with eight years of experience in Ithaca and Tompkins County, and is running for Tompkins County Legislature in one of the most grad-dense districts of Ithaca. Having demonstrated a consistent commitment to workers' rights and social justice, we believe Reed Steberger is the right choice for advancing fairness, respect, and democracy for all the residents of Ithaca and Tompkins County, and endorse their candidacy for District Four's seat in the Tompkins County Legislature.