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Our union is only as strong as we make it. It’s on us to work together in common cause to achieve our goals and build union power for Cornell graduates.  Here’s how you can be an active member of CGSU and be part of the fight for greater fairness, respect, and democracy for us all.

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Join a Union Committee or Working Group

Standing committees are where union work gets done in between the general assemblies. Any member can join any standing committee, and many of them meet every week! Details for the chairs of the standing committees and when and where the regular ones meet can be found below.

The Organizing Committee

The organizing committee works to expand Union membership, and in tandem with other standing committees, to promote an inclusive and representative membership. The committee also plans General Assembly meetings. They meet weekly at 5:45 PM on Wednesdays in our offices. The recurring event can be found on Facebook, and you can email the organizing committee chair Ethan Ritz with any questions.

The Communication & Outreach Committee

The communications committee manages CGSU’s external and internal communication channels—like our website, mailing lists, and press contacts—and builds connections with other activists and organizations. They meet weekly at 3:00 PM on Fridays in the Temple of Zeus Cafe. The recurring event can be found on Facebook, and you can email the communications chair Jaron Kent-Dobias with any questions.

The Research & Contract Committee

Research and contract develops strategies on specific Union issues (short term) and capacities for collective bargaining power (long term). R&C coordinates efforts to gather information relevant to Union concerns and the working conditions of graduate students. They meet weekly at 11:00 AM on Fridays in 232 Gates Hall. The recurring event can be found on Facebook, and you can email the research and contract chair Ela Correa with any questions.

The Grievances Committee

The grievance committee is a forum for members and non-members to report problems and issues the Union can work on, initiate an inquiry, or advocate, and when necessary, coordinates with the Secretary on these issues. You can email the grievance committee chair Josh Savala with any questions or to report a workplace or union problem.

The Unity Committee

Unity helps resolve issues that those who are historically under-represented or marginalized on campuses, in unions, and in the workplace generally tend to face, such as racial, gender, and age discrimination; homophobia; censorship; and bullying. You can email the unity committee chair Zifeng Liu with any questions or interest.

The Legal Affairs Committee

Legal affairs maintains the union archive, oversees the referendum and amendment processes, and ensures the bylaws are up to date. You can email the legal affairs committee chair Aubrie James with any questions or interest.

Working groups

Working groups are committees developed for the purpose of solving a particular issue. Any member can start a working group and they are temporary in nature. They provide the membership a voice outside of the Steering Committee. As examples, past working groups have been on issues like changes to the website, additions to the constitution, and composition of committees. Any important decisions are then presented as proposals at general membership meetings and voted on, or sometimes require a referendum. Contact: