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General Assembly

  • G10 Biotech Building (map)

Our union is holding a general assembly meeting at 5 PM next Thursday, December 7th, in Biotech building room G10! Expect a meeting focused on working out the organizational structures we'll rely on as we dive into the Spring semester. There will be pizza, unionization and tax law fact-checking, organizing campus neighborhoods (?!), and the election of a replacement treasurer to the steering committee. The full agenda is below the jump, but in the meantime...

December 2017 GA Agenda

  2. Union news
  3. Building our organizing structures
  4. Unionization & tax law FAQs
  5. Treasurer election

2. Union News

Lots has been happening in our union, and those going to all the meetings are rearing to let you know exactly what! The facilitators will share all relevant goings-on and help get any questions answered.

While you wait, here's a sample news item on the ongoing referendum! Right now 58 more people need to vote to reach quorum. Tell your friends to get to the polls (by searching "Helios" in their email). Those polls will stay open until two days after quorum is reached or around the beginning of next semester, January 26.

3. Building Our Organizing Structure

The organizing committee has been hard at work retooling the way that our union organizes and operates, and they're ready to rope you all in! We're excited to roll out a new organizing model that breaks campus into sensible, relatively autonomous organizing units whose student activists have to deal with less work and have more latitude about how to organize their departments. We'll break out into groups, talk with neighboring departments and fields to figure out where to team up, and start the networking needed to make such a decentralized system work. Can't wait to get started? Take our campus connections survey to give the organizing committee a better idea of potential department "neighborhoods" before the meeting!

4. Unionization & Tax Law FAQs

Organizing for union-won rights is hard, and answering tough questions about our effort can make you feel like the weight of human knowledge lies on your shoulders alone. But don't worry: others have thought hard about these questions before you and are ready to share their sources of wisdom! We'll break out into groups to talk common questions about unionization and good, researched answers. Also, seeing as recently proposed tax law has been in the news and on our minds lately, we'll talk about what some grads have found and what we still can't be sure of regarding the Republican legislation. Come and put your minds at exactly as much ease as is merited!

5. Treasurer Election

One of our steering committee members recently stepped down, and we need to replace them! Come with nominations in mind: we'll take the full list of nominees, give each the chance to speak (if they're present and so desire), vote, and count the ballots then and there. Don't miss out on helping construct our union's only elected body!

6. Organizing Timeline Discussion

The OC has begun planning a timeline for the near future, involving benchmarks and quantitative metrics to assess the health and progress of CGSU, and we want to share it with you! We’re trying to design something that promotes the functionality of our organization regardless of future recognition election timelines, and would love your feedback.

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Organizing Committee Meeting
Later Event: December 8
Steward Check-In