Bargaining Survey

Hello, fellow Cornell grad workers! Our election for graduate union recognition is right around the corner. We're anticipating a strong win, and we want your input as we start preparing for contract negotiations.

Which issues would you like to see brought to the bargaining table? Please take a moment to complete and submit this survey, so together we can craft a strategy to negotiate a strong contract that best reflects what matters most to the Cornell grad community.

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Please rank the importance of improvements in the following categories.
Workplace Issues
A voice in Cornell's governance
Respect on the job
Discrimination/sexual harassment
Class sizes
Advisor/P.I. relations
A voice in work assignments (RA/TA)
International Student Concerns
Visa application assistance
Visa fee reimbursement
Protected time off for visa renewal
Housing assistance
Anti-discrimination training for supervisors
Language training/support
Family Concerns
Affordable childcare
Parental Leave
Lactation Centers
Expectant parent parking
Spousal job placement
After school programs
Paid/Unpaid Time Off
Sick days
Vacation leave
Medical leave
Bereavement leave
Religious holidays
Family leave
Job Security
Grievance procedure
An improved grievance procedure could include timely dispute resolution with neutral, binding arbitration.
Progressive discipline
Progressive discipline refers to a system of warnings and opportunities to improve before termination from an assistantship.
Representation for workplace discipline
Wages/Compensation/Cost of Living
Higher stipend (overall)
Annual stipend increases
Summer funding
Funding insecurity
Retirement plan
Parking availability/cost
Public transit availability/cost
Housing availability/cost
Discounted/free access to gym
Health Insurance
Choice of doctors/providers, network coverage
Dependent/spousal coverage
Dental/vision coverage
Lower deductibles
Payment plan for insurance coverage
Health & Safety
Updated safety trainings
Workers' compensation
Graduate input in H&S decisions
Professional Development
Funding for conferences/travel
Opportunities for teaching training
Support for professional development
Support for professional development can include financial support or schedule adjustments to pursue certifications or attend workshops and conferences.
Other information
Plans For Our Union Election
By showing our strong public support for our union before we vote, we demonstrate our commitment to winning this election by a landslide, and that we'll go to the bargaining table with a powerful majority. We aim to publish a list of our hundreds of supporters and their departments, showcasing the amazing breadth and depth of CGSU, right before the election. But this list will not only show the administration that our union has broad support among Cornell grads—it also shows your fellow grad workers that you stand with them. Your public commitment to vote yes in our election will empower others to stand up with you in solidarity to fight for the changes we want, and to make Cornell a better place. Will you join us in showing the collective power of our union?
Will you join us in showing the collective power of our union?