What Does CGSU Stand For?


Voting yes for our grad union will enable us to secure fair and safe labor conditions for ourselves and future grad workers.


A vote yes for our grad union is a vote for respect of our academic labor and respect for all graduate workers in today’s uncertain political environment.


Voting yes for our graduate union is a vote for a more democratic and inclusive Cornell.

What is Cornell Graduate Students United?

Cornell Graduate Students United is a union of graduate students committed to improving working conditions at Cornell University. We are united by our recognition that graduate students are workers, not just students. We deserve the right to collectively bargain a contract with our employer, Cornell University.

CGSU was formed in early 2014 by students concerned about the lack of meaningful impact that graduate students have in University decisions, especially the ones that most impact our day-to-day work.

CGSU is a grassroots organization built on the democratic idea that every graduate student should have a voice in our union. CGSU is currently organizing to be recognized as the union representing Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, and Graduate Assistants at Cornell University, in order to bargain a contract that will improve the lives of Cornell grads.