Graduate Workers,

Our choice is clear: either we can keep things as they are—where Cornell is the sole decision maker on our working conditions—or we can vote "Yes" to create a fair and democratic Graduate Union that will give us a seat at the decision making table.

CGSU was formed in 2014 in response to Cornell’s insistence that Grad Workers are not even eligible for basic Workers’ Compensation benefits. This was an issue that could not be (and still has not been) successfully resolved. We all make meaningful contributions to this institution through our research and work, and yet, in spite of this, Cornell insisted that we’re not actually workers until the NLRB’s commonsense decision to restore our right to unionize in August 2016. Voting "yes" for our Grad Union will allow us to negotiate a contract that ensures proper fairnessrespect and democracy for us and the work we do.

In our political system today we’re reminded every day of the dangers posed by abuses of executive power. Currently, Grads lack the essential checks & balances necessary to negotiate for dental coverage that actually works, or child care and parental leave policies that actually respect the needs of our Grad parents. CGSU can change this. Together we’ve put in countless hours of unpaid volunteer labor to organize our Grad Union since 2014 and we’re proud of the successful partnership we’ve developed with the American Federation of Teachers. We’ve started an organization from scratch with our passion for fairness, respect, and democracy.  And now we’re asking you to join us and make it official. If you’re new here, we invite you to find out more about us. Let’s take this bold step forward.

 vote "yes" in our upcoming union election.


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